Setting Up Recurring Invoices in MMK Pro

Recurring Invoices

Okay so I have to admit, I had a hard time understanding how to set-up recurring invoices in Minute Menu Kids Pro.  After a little snooping around and with the help of a very helpful forum member on the Forum here's the scoop on how to get it to work for you.  

To get to the recurring invoice section in MMK Pro from the main menu:
Accounting>Bill Parent's and Record Payments>Recurring Invoices.

Click on the parent that you want to create a recurring invoice for (sorry, you can only choose one parent for each child) and click the Setup button.  Now choose how often you want to automatically create an invoice (weekly, every other week, monthly, twice per month) and click Next.
*For the purposes of this explanation we will assume that we are creating weekly invoices. 

Here's where it got confusing for me.  The next screen should look like a calendar like shown in the screenshot below.  Near the top it says "What date do you want to start automatically creating invoices?"  This date should be the day before your payment due date for your family.  For example if your payment due date is Friday then the invoice creation date should be on a Thursday. 

Once you set your date the star on the calendar will reflect what date the invoice will be created on and the following day will say "Money Withdrawn from Parent".  Make sure that these days are correct.  The next step is to get the black ribbon with the arrows to reflect the dates that the invoice will cover.  

If you provide child care service first and require payment at the end of the week then you will want to left click on the Sunday before the invoice is created.  Your screen should then look like this:

If you are like me and require payments before you provide child care then you will want to left click on the Sunday following after the invoice is created.  Your screen should then look like this:

The next screen is where you will select the child(ren) you want to apply to this invoice.  You can choose to only add one child or several children (such as siblings) but you can only choose one parent to invoice.  Select the child(ren) and click Next.   If you have filled out the child's information beforehand then the amount to bill weekly will already be filled out.  Check it and make sure it is correct.  This amount will be invoiced each week.  

The last step is where you can add notes.  Whatever you type in this section will show up on all invoices created after this point.  When you are finished you can click Done and that's it!  You are done.  I hope this helps someone as much as it has helped me.