Enrollment Forms

The Parent Packet

After I have interviewed with a family and the parents are ready to enroll I give them a Parent Packet to take home and read.  The Parent Packet is a folder with all of my enrollment information and forms.  I do this because I think that it's more organized and the parents are less likely to lose something if I send it all home together like this.

I buy the folders during the "back-to-school" sales when I can get a whole bunch of them for $0.10 each ... and I do buy a whole bunch of them.  If there is a limit on them I take my husband and sometimes even my mom, several times.  Some people don't know that at some office supply stores that have limits on school stuff will waive or raise the limit if you are a teacher so I went into the store and signed up to be a member as a teacher (I gave my license number).  

So anyway, I buy a whole bunch of these folders in all of the colors that they have (I use these folders for other things too).  The folder that I get has two inside pockets and brad-like fasteners for hole-punched papers.  This is perfect for what I need.  The ones I buy from Office Depot are called 3 pronged portfolios with 2 pockets.

I also buy large print-at-home labels.  Mine are the white Avery 2x4" Shipping Labels (#18163).  I go online and download the Microsoft template and make labels for the covers to my Parent Packets.  Each label has the name of my daycare home, says Parent Packet, has my address, my telephone number and my license number.  

I have a Policy Handbook that I created for my clients.  I print out one for each client, hole-punch it and fasten it with the prong fasteners inside the folders.  

In the left pocket I add all of the forms that licensing requires as well as additional forms that I created.  These are all of the forms that I need them to sign and return.

My Forms:

In the right pocket I put all of the licensing documents that I'm required to give to clients as well as other information that I typed up that I want them to know.  These are the papers that don't need to be signed but are still important enough to be given to them to keep.  
You may also notice that the pockets each have four little slits.  These are for you to add your business cards to them.  I have a hard time sometimes with getting the corners of my business cards to fit into these teeny-tiny little slits so I just staple it directly onto the pocket.


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