About Me

I am a licensed family child care provider which means that I provide legal child care in my own home.  My early career in child care began as babysitting as a young teen and after high school I began to nanny.  From when I began babysitting and through my young adult life it was never a career, just something that I enjoyed doing for extra income.  While I was working in retail my own daughter's family child care provider encouraged me to start my own family child care business and that was when it first occurred to me that I could do what I enjoyed doing for "extra cash" on a full-time basis.  In 2010 I obtained my license and have been loving it ever since.

I am a wife to Freddy and mother to a daughter Isis with ADHD (b. 2004) and sons Fredo (b. 2010) and big baby Al (b. 2013).

Joined the Gold Coast Child Care Association in 2011.  Became a board member as Tech. Liaison in 2012.  Became Vice President from 2013 until current.   

Education & Training

Current student at Ventura College in order to obtain a California Child Development Assistant Teacher Permit.  Major in Child Development.  Courses completed: Child Growth & Development, Child Nutrition Health & Safety, Child Family & Community, and Principles & Practicum in Early Childhood Education.  

Participant in the Program for Infant & Toddler Care (PITC) through Child Development Resources (CDR) in which I have received over 40 hours of training infant  and toddler care.

Distance learning courses through Care Courses.  Courses completed:  The Art of Child Care, Caring for Children in Your Home, A Joyful Life of Caregiving, Sanitation for Disease Prevention and Learning Centers. 

About My Daycare

Child Care Philosophy

I believe in allowing young children to be free to explore their own interests and to be allowed to make choices for themselves.  All children should be respected and treated in the same manner in which you wish the child to behave, if a child is expected to be patient then one must be patient with the child.  I believe in trusting children and encouragement so that they may have the confidence to try new things and to master new skills.  I prefer a curriculum where the majority of the activities are child-led, open-ended and based on play.  We have very few worksheet activities and take a more relaxed approach to learning instead of the traditional academic approach.  Children will have the majority of their young and adolescent lives to spend in a classroom and on academic worksheets, in my program young children are allowed to play, explore and be young children.

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